Arabic Folk Fairy Tales: some Markers of Differentiation

Ejibadze, Nino (2017) Arabic Folk Fairy Tales: some Markers of Differentiation. Bulletin of the Georgian National Academy of sciences, 11 (4). pp. 128-133. ISSN 0132-1447

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The paper deals with Arabic (Egyptian) folkloric fairy tales. The observation is focused on the material collected in Egypt at different times by various researchers (including the present author). First of all, the following should be demarcated from one another: a) tales of One Thousand and One Nights, which underwent standardization already in the Middle Ages and, thus, should not be considered as texts of the folkloric type proper, and b) folkloric texts which did not undergo standardization. Naturally, in Arabic folklore fairy tales are attested which are originated in the Arabic world proper, and there are also fairy tales the plot and subject of which have found their way from other traditions (migratory stories should also be taken into account). Fairy tales of the foreign origin are adapted in Arabic orally transmitted folklore: names of characters, terms expressing social gradation, etc. are Arabized. Nevertheless, certain formal markers are identifiable, which allow differentiating Arabic fairy tales proper and those of the non-Arabic origin, including without the analysis of the plot and subject of these fairy tales. In the paper some of these formal markers are brought to light. Attention is focused on issues such as: the beginning and ending of a fairy tale, which differentiate, on the one hand, non-standardized texts, and, on the other hand, fairy tales of the foreign origin and literary (literarized) fairy tales. The latter bear certain resemblance with one another according to the given markers. In addition, Arabic (Egyptian) folkloric fairy tales are marked by the special verbal involvement of listeners in the act of narration; it is also noteworthy that “3” as the magic number is not characteristic of Arabic folklore.

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